Content Management

IES websites include a robust, easy to use Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to make changes to your website 24/7. With an interface similar to Word, even novice users with limited experience can learn to edit pages quickly and easily. Website administrators have the ability to update information immediately.  Once the information is entered at the front-end, the client is able to instantly view the public website and see the recent changes. Each department at your organization can have an area of the website to post information about their services.


IES, Inc. Content Management System gives you the ability to:

  • Create new pages of content (unlimited page creation)
  • Edit your Home Page
  • Update or add text to your website pages
  • Add, edit, or delete, pages/links on your website.
  • Upload files, forms, and documents (unlimited file storage)
  • Add or delete images on your website in addition to editing information about the images
  • Add or edit the title and meta tags for your website.