Non-Profit Websites

A non-profit website should offer more than a typical corporate site.

The primary objectives of a non-profit are to:

  • Increase awareness of the organization’s mission
  • Strengthen relationships with community partners, donors, members, etc.
  • Retain clients and participants
  • Attract qualified staff and keep them informed
  • Improve business efficiencies
  • Increase promotional activities
  • Deliver a consistent image

IES is dedicated to providing high quality services at a price that is affordable to non-profit organizations. We make your non-profit website both donor and volunteer friendly while maintaining consistency with your other promotional material. From extensive work with more than 500 non-profits, IES develops a compelling visuals, intuitive navigation, and concise messaging that tell your organization’s story.

IES websites maximize web-based technologies to improve your program delivery and services with solutions such as the following.


Popular Tools for your Non-Profit

Calendar with Event Registration

Our Calendar System offers both Public & Private calendars. You can easily add events to your calendar, with the ability to sort them by time and date, or even categorize them based on the nature of the event. (Board Meeting, Sporting Event, etc.) You also have the option to create a re-occurring event, which you can set to syndicate the same event across specific days of the week or month. Also included is Event Registration, which lets front-end users buy tickets to an event through an online form where it offers secure payments, Google Map integration, and the ability for the user to “Like”, “Share”, and “Tweet” their attendance to friends and family.

Online Donations

Our Online Donation System allows you to accept online payments which are processed through a number of available merchant services, such as and PayPal. Features include different donation types, the ability to set up recurring monthly/yearly donations, as well as automated “thank you” letters and tax receipts. The site owner is automatically notified when a donation is made, and the information of the donors is available to the owner in a back-end database.

Volunteer Application

Our Online Volunteer Application allows the public to quickly & effortlessly fill out your form online. No longer will applicants have to download a file, print it out, and mail it in. Once submitted, the Volunteer Application Form is automatically converted into a PDF (with password protection optional) and emailed to your organization. We can also set up a secure database to save applicant information and access it on the back-end of your website.

News & Announcements

Our News & Announcements module allows you to quickly post news articles, announcements, and press releases. You can select dates on which the articles will appear, as well as an archiving date – meaning you can plan out your posts weeks or months in advance and let the website do the rest.

Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery allows you to create categorized albums and mini-slideshows, a beautiful way to display your images to the public. Organize your albums with drag-and-drop functionality and even select a “featured album” to be showcased above all others.

Members Only Area

Our Members-Only Area serves as an Intranet site for your organization, allowing you to create privatized pages of content that only your members will have access to. This gives you the ability to upload files, forms, and documents that only members can see. You can even create private Calendar Events and News items for Board Members, Staff, and Volunteers.

More Tools:

  • Password Protected Pages
  • Continuing Education
  • Online Payments
  • Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Facebook Social Plugins
  • Twitter Social Plugins
  • Custom Fill-in Forms
  • Message Boards
  • Broadcast Email System
  • Text Message Broadcast
  • Contact Form
  • Standard Email Accounts
  • Site Search


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