Award Winning Cyberschool Web Platform

Our web solutions for educational institutions connect Teachers, Students, and Parents. Our Cyberschool 2.0 platform enables students to be organized and engaged, helps staff and teachers to be more efficient, and allows parents to become more involved and informed.

Cyberschool is a culmination of ideas and suggestions from many educators whom we have had the privilege of working with. Superintendents, principals, teachers and technology personnel all over the US have contributed their ideas to help make Cyberschool the leading website communication platform for K-12 community.

Why Cyberschool?

  • Built on Web 2.0 technology, Cyberschool’s architecture is designed to be open, flexible, and modular and easily integrates with many existing enterprise databases.
  • Fill-in-the-blank format and front-end-editing that works similar to any word processing package, makes creating, updating and modifying web pages quick and easy.
  • Theme-enabled classroom module includes assignment, homework, blog, calendar, picture gallery, podcasts, forums, RSS updates, news, scope and sequence allowing for dynamic online classrooms.
  • Web 2.0 concepts such as tagging, RSS, live editing, social networking, drag-and-drop, instant updates, etc. with full Ajax support, are incorporated in the platform to improve collaboration.
  • Website design that reflects each school’s mascot, logo, and colors gives a unique look to each school.
  • Multi-Level security for assigning access on an individual basis and LDAP support for remote user import and authentication.
  • Offering lowest implementation cost to school district by replicating your existing content without additional effort/cost on your part.
  • Dedicated support team offers an array of services to ensure the smooth design and implementation of your web sites. Reference manual and online tutorial including videos, written and printable manuals, and hands-on training for teachers and staff are provided. Technical support via Phone and e-mail is available on an ongoing basis.
  • Designed to follow Web Accessibility Guidelines to make web content accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Content translation is available for more than 20 languages. It is fully integrated with your website enabling instant translation of texts and web pages.


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